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Having successfully negotiated, documented and closed billions of dollars of commercial transactions and investments into the U.S. and abroad, Masuda Funai takes pride in consistently delivering exceptionally high-quality, comprehensive and practical transactional legal counsel to businesses based around the globe and throughout the country. Most of our clients are foreign-owned companies seeking to do business and maximize their investments in the U.S. and we are the leader in mid-market Japanese mergers and acquisitions in the United States. Foreign-owned businesses require a high level of multicultural understanding and often have a distinct management approach. We understand many different perspectives and are committed to serving as a bridge to companies entering and doing business in the domestic market.

Our firm represents companies of all sizes in all phases of the business life cycle. Our experience ranges from complex M&A and financing transactions, to tax analysis and real estate deals, to joint ventures and other development arrangements, to general day-to-day operations counsel. We advise multinational companies in the establishment and growth of their operations and facilities in the U.S., frequently serving as their U.S. general legal counsel.  Additionally, with the great majority of our transactions having some cross-border aspect, we are well versed in the regulatory issues that affect our clients’ transactions in the international environment, particularly in the areas of commercial (dual-use) and defense related export licensing, compliance and enforcement matters, U.S. trade sanctions, customs compliance and national security (e.g., Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States [CFIUS]) reviews. In everything we do, we focus on providing timely and highly personal services that fit our client’s time zone and commercial agenda.

Our attorneys take the time to clearly explain U.S. law and business practices every step of the way — and frequently in our client’s native language.  Whether we are negotiating the terms of a deal or analyzing the risk inherent in a given transaction, our extensive economic and cultural understanding allows us to make doing business in the U.S. a more streamlined process.

Our unique ability to overcome the challenges international companies and executives face when operating in the U.S. demonstrates not only our understanding of the law, but also our unwavering sensitivity to distinct cultures and their specific commercial drivers. As a testament to our dedication, commitment, meticulous work product and ability to adapt, we are proud that relationships with many of our foreign-owned clients have continued for decades. Regardless of our client’s country of origin, industry or product line, our attorneys are experienced negotiators and counselors who deliver the perspective, depth, legal acuity, cultural intelligence and business acumen to guide them through even the most sophisticated matters and transactions.

Range of Services Experience


Acquisition of precision manufacturing company in the Midwest working in the defense, medical and aerospace sectors for a Japanese publicly-traded acquirer.

Acquisition of defense and aerospace company in South Carolina for a global machine tool manufacturer.

Acquisition of half of a U.S. public company in the genetic testing industry for a Japanese global biotechnology equipment manufacturing company.

Represented a U.S. company in the technology sector with an investment from a large private equity group.

Represented a major Japanese trading company and its foreign subsidiaries in a series of acquisitions of a famous fashion and accessory brand and related businesses in the U.S. and other territories around the world from a U.S. seller.

Represented a major Japanese manufacturer of construction equipment in a global technology license and OEM supply arrangement with a multinational counterpart in connection with the manufacture, supply, sale, and distribution of hydraulic excavators in various territories around the world.

Lessee representation in a $16.2 million leveraged lease of manufacturing equipment in Indiana.

Acquisition of the metal coolant division of a publicly traded U.S. chemical company for a foreign chemical producer.

Divestiture of software subsidiaries to a public company for approximately $60 million for a foreign company.

Formation of a joint venture company to foster sales in the U.S. and, subsequently, the acquisition of the unowned portion to make the joint venture wholly owned by the foreign company for a foreign company in the material handling industry.

Management buy-out of a U.S. forklift distributor for a foreign trading company and foreign forklift manufacturer.

Formation of a joint venture for the manufacture and sale of manufacturing equipment to major automobile companies for a manufacturer of industrial equipment.

Acquisition of a laser control system company for a navigation product company.

Sale of its large stake in a semiconductor manufacturing equipment company for an electronics company.

Assisted the founder in the start-up and financing of a company with a proprietary plasma pyrolysis waste treatment technology.

Formation of a start-up to develop, patent and commercialize the spherical semiconductor and "Clean tube" Eprocesses for a lead venture capital investor and strategic partner.

Co-counsel for a large foreign consumer products manufacturer in connection with its $165 million acquisition of a U.S. manufacturer of dental care products.

Lender representation in a $25 million hotel acquisition financing.

Borrower representation for a NYSE-listed company in connection with a syndicated $200 million multi-currency credit facility.

Lender representation in a $40 million revolving credit facility supported by foreign parent guarantee.

Co-counsel for a leading foreign consumer foods manufacturer in connection with its $14 million acquisition of a genetics research and development company.

Represented the lender in connection with a $75 million standby credit facility.

Lender representation in connection with the restructuring and work-out of a $61 million financing.

Borrower representation in a $225 million syndicated credit facility relating to its acquisition of a division of a major U.S. automobile manufacturer with facilities in the U.S. and Mexico.

Foreign-based consumer products manufacturer representation in connection with the $165 million sale of its minority interest in a national U.S. retailer.

International automobile parts manufacturer representation in connection with its $230 million acquisition of a division of a Big Three U.S. automobile manufacturer.

International power tool and motor products manufacturer representation in connection with the divestiture of the off-shore subsidiaries in its power tool division's manufacturing operations in the U.S. and sales and distribution operations in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan, including negotiation of worldwide technology and trademark licenses and ongoing supply agreements.

International consumer products and auto parts manufacturer representation in connection with its $325 million acquisition of a manufacturing division of a large U.S. conglomerate.

Multinational company with annual revenues of $1.6 billion representation in restructuring its U.S. group through streamlining operations and the use of holding company structure.

Represented a Japanese bank in connection with a ¥1.5 billion loan arranged with a currency swap arrangement.

Tennessee manufacturer representation in connection with a $45 million bond financing.

Credit enhancer representation in connection with a $62 million financing of a significant real estate acquisition and subsequent overseas syndication thereof.

Issuer representation in a structured $50 million issuance of variable rate preferred stock.

Credit enhancer representation in connection with the $80 million financing of a leveraged buy-out of an internationally renowned racetrack.

Israeli bank representation in connection with participation in syndicated financing of a U.S. sports stadium.

Issuing bank representation in connection with a $32.5 million standby letter of credit to support a purchase agreement between a German automobile manufacturer and a U.S. auto parts manufacturer.

Negotiated the investment, distribution and research collaboration arrangements for a pharmaceutical company with respect to an East Coast, early-stage biomedical company
Represented a foreign company that invests in U.S. agricultural properties in connection with its $48 million acquisition of a stud farm in Virginia
Represented a Silicon Valley VoIP hardware company in its attempt to acquire an East Coast VoIP software company
Negotiation of several joint ventures by leading first tier suppliers to manufacture high-performance auto parts for Toyota, Ford and other OEMs.

Japanese multinational representation in creating a joint venture with a German auto parts manufacturer in the People's Republic of China.



Michael C. Bedell
Senior Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7539
Frank J. Del Barto
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Bryan Y. Funai
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Masaru Funai
Chairman Emeritus, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Murray L. Gordon
Of Counsel, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Benjamin F. Gould
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Keith W. Groebe
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Joji Kagei
Principal, Los Angeles
P 310.630.5900
Eldon H. Kakuda
Principal, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
George H. Kobayashi
President, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Dayne Kono
Chairman, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Asa W. Markel
Principal, Los Angeles
P 310.630.5900
Thomas P. McMenamin
Senior Counsel, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Monika R. Oyama
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Joseph S. Parisi
Of Counsel, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Jonathan S. Park
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Stephen M. Proctor
Of Counsel, Schaumburg
P 847.734.8811
Riebana E. Sachs
Associate, Chicago
P 312.245.7534
Koichiro Sato
Visiting Foreign Attorney, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Mary W. Shellenberg
Of Counsel, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Jennifer R.M.C. Watson
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7500
Gregory M. Wright
Principal, Chicago
P 312.245.7496
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Complimentary Business Development Seminar (Nagoya/Tokyo/Osaka)
Case Studies on U.S. Business Operations (Presented Only in Japanese) Differences between U.S. and Japanese trends and business practices…
Legal Symposium: Issues Facing U.S. Subsidiaries of Japanese Multinationals
Masuda Funai 2016 Legal Symposium Issues Facing U.S. Subsidiaries of Japanese Multinationals 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. Registration, Networking and…
Masuda Funai Releases Results From Annual M&A Survey
Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. today released the results of its annual Mergers and Acquisitions Survey. The survey features data…
Masuda Funai Welcomes New Tax Attorney
We are excited to announce the recent addition of Murray L. Gordon to the Corporate & Finance team in the Chicago office. Murray will serve…
Masuda Funai Releases Results From First Annual M&A Survey
Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. today released the results of its first annual Mergers and Acquisitions Survey. The survey features…
Jennifer Watson Authored an Article in the GACC Midwest Report on Mergers & Acquisitions
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Greg Wright Authored an Article in BizBuddy
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Taiyo Technology of America Ltd.'s Reception and Open House
Masuda Funai Principals, David Alexander, Dayne Kono and Stephen Proctor attended Taiyo Technology of America Ltd.'s (Taiyo) reception and…
Masuda Funai Hosts 2018 Legal Symposium
On June 14, 2018, Masuda Funai hosted its Legal Symposium addressing issues encountered by U.S. subsidiaries of Japanese multinationals…
Jennifer Watson Authored an Article in the GACC Expansion USA Mergers and Acquisitions Guide
The article "The 4Es of Successor Liability" provides insights for businesses growing through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. It…
Masuda Funai Hosts Northern Ireland Delegation
Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell Ltd. hosted the Northern Ireland Delegation on April 16, 2018 as part of its ABC Mission visit to Chicago…
Greg Wright Chairs Panel Discussion at M&A Conference
On March 8th, Greg Wright, Principal in Masuda Funai’s Corporate, Finance & Acquisitions Group, chaired a panel discussion at the Spring…
Masuda Funai Featured in The Japan Times
The Japan Times published a comprehensive report this month on Japanese business activity in the Great Lakes Region of the United States…
Masuda Funai Welcomes a New Principal
Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Gregory M. Wright as a Principal in the firm's Chicago office…
Masuda Funai Attends Investment Summit in Washington, D.C. on Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
Keith Groebe, George Kobayashi and David Alexander from Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. attended the SelectUSA Investment Summit…
Masuda Funai Addresses Japanese Keidanren Delegation at Breakfast Hosted by Governor Rauner
PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO - Thomas McMenamin and George Kobayashi from Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. spoke at an Executive Breakfast…
Masuda Funai Attends International Conference in Berlin on Tech Startups and Cross-Border Expansion
PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO - Reinhold Krammer and Thomas McMenamin from Masuda, Funai Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. attended the Alliott Group's 2017…
Jennifer Watson Speaking at the GACC Midwest's 2017 SME Forum
On Tuesday, April 11th, Jennifer Watson, Principal in Masuda Funai's corporate transactions practice, will be speaking at the German…
Masuda Funai Hosted Legal Symposium for General Counsel
On June 9, 2016, Masuda Funai hosted a Legal Symposium for General Counsel from across the country at The Glen Club in Glenview, Illinois…
Masuda Funai Joins State of Illinois Delegation at Hannover Messe in Germany
Masuda Funai sponsored the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity at this year's Hannover Messe trade fair held in…
"FIRMMA and Changes to CFIUS Review of Cross-Border Investments" - BizBuddy, March 2019