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It is important for any business or new venture to begin on solid ground. Because the choice of entity structure can depend upon many factors and is likely to evolve over the life of a company, the right structure is often considered a significant factor in realizing ROI. Selecting the entity structure that optimizes each client’s distinct commercial objectives is at the core of Masuda Funai’s practice. Since the firm’s inception, we have worked with domestic and international businesses of all sizes and from diverse industries to structure entities that can accommodate our client’s long- and short-term strategic objectives both in the U.S. and abroad.

We provide multi-faceted legal counsel on the many stages of development through maturity. We focus on helping our client best position themselves for success by forming appropriate business structures and providing strategic counsel that aids them in meeting their ongoing legal and business requirements throughout the life cycle of the business. This type of advice requires a careful analysis and understanding of our client's existing or proposed business in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages of potential legal entities.

We bring decades of experience in many sectors of the global economy to understanding a client’s business and advising on the most appropriate organizational structure to meet corporate objectives. We understand, from practical experience, how entity structure impacts our client’s ability to do business. We work with our clients to consider the many issues involved in entity selection, which can range from the choice of state of formation; to potential operating costs of the legal entity; to capital requirements, financing objectives and state and federal tax considerations; to corporate governance matters, liability and indemnification; to potential liquidity events and exit strategies.

We also counsel shareholders and other interest holders on shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements and similar contractual arrangements for the management of a corporation or LLC. In fact, our firm currently maintains corporate records for hundreds of private entities doing business throughout the United States.