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At Masuda Funai, we take pride in safeguarding our client’s future. Our attorneys understand the momentum a downward spiral can have on a business, particularly because time is critical when financial stability is the primary driver to avoiding insolvency. As a result, we are relied upon for our proven ability to design consistently innovative solutions for distressed company scenarios. Our clients include troubled companies and their boards of directors, owners, managers, investors, lenders and creditors. We are also retained to advise acquirers involved in financial workouts, restructurings, acquisitions and dispositions of distressed assets.

Our focus is on finding the right approach to navigating beyond the obstacles at hand while minimizing costs, creating tangible value and re-positioning our client for today and into the future. We understand the negative impact liquidity can have on a business, and seek to mitigate crises with comprehensive and sensible contingency planning. We advise domestic and multinational clients on restructuring corporate groups and documenting related company transactions. We act quickly to analyze and execute alternatives to bankruptcy throughout the recovery process. With particular sensitivity to the time requirements restructurings demand, we work tirelessly to assure prompt government filings and the implementation of restructurings and reorganizations. We also advise on the structuring and/or restructuring of employee stock participation plans, phantom stock plans and deferred compensation plans.

Our longevity and practical experience serves us in navigating clients through turmoil and to recovery and beyond. Whether we are renegotiating our clients’ bank loans and covenants, revising debt instruments, working out payment plans with vendors, or involved in a restructuring or right-sizing initiative, our firm delivers decisive action and legal solutions in precarious times. Because a reorganization can involve a variety of professionals, our attorneys understand the importance of team-play. We are dedicated to working in collaboration with consultants and turn-around specialists to achieve a common goal.