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Our Practice

Masuda Funai removes barriers and eases the process for international companies entering, operating and expanding into the United States. For nearly a century, our cross-border experience and knowledge of the business and legal systems in the U.S. have enabled us to provide solutions to the challenges and assist with the opportunities that our domestic and international clients face. Whether we are representing a small corporation entering the U.S. for the first time, or an established global entity with U.S. facilities, we know every aspect of the business life cycle and provide the full range of requisite legal services, from simple matters to highly complex transactions and disputes.

Our Clients

While the majority of our clients are foreign owned and operated, our practice spans many different industries, including automotive, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, professional services, consumer products, food and food processing, and real estate. We represent both emerging and established global and domestic businesses, as well as academic and financial institutions. What we do best is simplify the process of doing business in the U.S. Notably, we have handled more Japanese mid-market acquisitions than any of our rivals. We also represent the U.S. operations of many European and other foreign companies. Having served a broad array of businesses from many different industries, we know what matters most to our clients.

Our Reach

Our diverse language capabilities and cultural acumen aid us in successfully understanding each client’s concerns, while developing solutions that effectively support their distinct business goals. We provide our clients that have international business interests access to global solutions through our membership with Alliott Global Alliance, an alliance of independent, mid-market, professional services firms. Alliott Global Alliance members are located in 80 countries throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Australia, and the Asia Pacific. Our global alliance has proven to be a valuable resource for the clients we serve.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is the steadfast pursuit of excellence. Understanding that our clients have a choice in the counsel they hire, we believe the client experience is paramount. We understand and respect differences and sensitivities in cultural sophistication and expectations. We value collaborative relationships that better allow us to give clients what they ask for and what they need to know. We work at the pace of our clients and their time zones, as well as anticipate their needs before they recognize them, by communicating proactively and frequently. Simply, we are dedicated to providing customized legal solutions, creative and practical advice, and extraordinary work product at every turn.