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Given Masuda Funai's representation of hundreds of multinational corporations, for 30 years the firm has maintained a unique visiting attorney program where a lawyer licensed to practice law in Japan (bengoshi) will intern with the firm for a specified period of time. Many of these visiting attorneys have gone on to pass the New York State Bar Exam while interning with Masuda Funai. This program provides practical training in U.S. law to visiting attorneys from other countries and it facilitates the sharing of information and cultural insight, which has been of great benefit to the firm and our clients, as well as to the foreign attorneys.

As part of the program’s curriculum, the visiting attorneys are not only exposed to the U.S. legal industry but also to U.S. culture. Our visiting lawyers do not learn by observing others at work; they learn by active involvement through research projects and participation in cross-border transactions. And they do not work with just one or two Masuda Funai attorneys – they work with many principals, associates and staff during the course of their stay at the firm.

At times, the firm has broadened its program beyond Japan and hosted visiting attorneys from Malaysia, Germany and Korea.

If you are interested in joining us, please apply here.