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In order to protect and maximize our client’s investment, we are frequently called upon as advisors at the initial stages of planning for a real estate project and throughout the site selection process. Because the location of the property and potential incentives available can have a measurable impact on the bottom line, we work closely with our clients and other advisors around the country to identify, investigate and ultimately select the optimal property and solicit, review and analyze the true value of incentive packages from multiple candidate sites throughout the country. Whether we are advising on the relocation of a new corporate headquarters, or seeking a Greenfield site for manufacturing, our in-depth real estate and tax law know-how coupled with our practical understanding of incentive programs results in a distinct advantage for our clients.

Before purchasing, leasing or financing commercial real estate, it is imperative to undertake an assessment, or what is commonly known as "due diligence", of the target real estate. If a thorough review and investigation of the prospective real estate, including related documentation and records, is not undertaken, the property may not ultimately serve the best interests or needs of the buyer, tenant or lender. Through properly performed due diligence, environmental contamination, contractual liabilities, survey irregularities, title issues, building and zoning code violations, geotechnical deficiencies, structural weaknesses or other latent defects may be uncovered. Pitfalls, costly mistakes and litigation can be avoided by expertise and knowledge of the various types and degrees of due diligence investigations. After decades of successful practice in real estate law, Masuda Funai is highly skilled in property investigation, review and analysis and all relevant due diligence procedures, resources, criteria and initiatives.