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Conducting a thorough and effective workplace investigation and responding appropriately based on the results of the investigation is a tremendous responsibility for employers today. Masuda Funai works closely with business clients to investigate and respond to fraud and employee complaints of harassment and discrimination based on the employee's age, citizenship, disability, gender, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation or other prohibited basis.

Our firm offers proven success in navigating employers through and beyond all types of workforce investigations. We have conducted extensive and independent investigations of the full array of complaints, as well as prepared reports and recommended plans of action as needed. We consistently provide legal advice and practical solutions for even the most complex and sensitive employment matters while safeguarding our client’s bottom line. We offer proven investigative tactics in identifying and taking witness statements, gathering all pertinent facts, and analyzing any relevant data including, but not limited to, offensive emails and/or performance reviews.

Because of our truly extensive experience in litigating employment claims, we bring a steadfastly balanced perspective to every matter in which we are involved. Our impartiality, careful and diplomatic approach to difficult and/or highly emotionally charged situations, and veteran people skills allow us to create comprehensive reports and viable paths to resolution that help employers make difficult but informed decisions.