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Intellectual property has increasingly become the primary asset in many corporate and transactional matters. Regardless of the technology or product, Masuda Funai provides both the practical legal and business experience needed to negotiate and close IP intensive deals in competitive and sophisticated markets. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific commercial drivers and the IP components involved in each deal, successfully closing valuable transactions and licensing agreements across a broad range of industries and jurisdictions.

Our attorneys assist clients in establishing corporate structures, formulating strategic and commercial transactions and assisting in the sale and acquisition of companies or defined assets which are key to achieving our client’s goals. We have been involved in executing technology development transactions, acquisitions and divestitures, strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships. This experience includes due diligence in connection with acquisitions, sales and contract negotiations involving the transfer or apportionment of IP rights in mergers and acquisitions, distribution and sales arrangements and technology procurement.

We negotiate licenses to, and assignments of, trade secrets, know-how, patents, trademarks, copyrights, software and other intangible assets. We advise our clients regarding territories, exclusivity, fees and royalties, technical assistance and support, enhancements, infringement indemnifications and escrows, with a particular understanding of the nuances of obtaining or granting exclusive rights for cross-border territories. We are also involved in executing and enforcing commercial contracts such as co-promotion, outsourcing, manufacturing and supply agreements. Our attorneys have proven time and again that they know how to leverage a myriad of transaction structures involving proprietary brand, media, technology, data, content and other intangible assets.

In addition, our firm advises on even the most complicated international agreements, which can involve a higher degree of difficulty. We not only understand the law and challenges associated with cross-border agreements, but also the often unique business environments of both clients and their constituents alike.