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Companies of all sizes continue to develop and utilize new technologies and data to expand their market share and increase their profitability. In this interconnected and global economy, businesses are more reliant than ever before on technology and data. As a result, company owners and managers must be resilient, diligent, agile, flexible and responsive when identifying, managing and responding to cyber commerce issues and safeguarding themselves from the pitfalls associated with data privacy protection and security.

Masuda Funai advises on a broad range of privacy and data protection matters. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients take advantage of converging technologies and industry by analyzing the threats and leveraging the opportunities digital media offers. Our clients range from domestic and international businesses from a multitude of industries; to advertisers and marketers; to content developers, distributors and owners; to investors in digital media both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our attorneys are involved in the development and ongoing management of website privacy policies, information handling, security breaches and global compliance endeavors. We advise on cross-border data transfers, training and compliance programs, privacy and security audits, and privacy policies and procedures. In addition, we advise on the privacy and security issues that permeate commercial transactions, as well as negotiate and close such deals. We also counsel our clients on data use development, strategy and compliance in advertising, marketing and other commercial initiatives.

Because the potential for the misuse of sensitive and personal information has the attention of lawmakers around the world, as well as and plaintiff class action counsel in the U.S., we work tirelessly with each client to apply existing and emerging regulations and guidelines to the privacy and data security challenges associated with consumer communication and digital media. We are dedicated to helping our clients legally and efficiently transfer customer, employee, financial and other information around the globe by analyzing and minimizing the risks of electronic commerce.