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Online media, e-commerce and technology have made the registration and continuous protection of copyrighted material an essential component of maintaining and expanding a successful brand. Masuda Funai understands all facets of copyright law, registration and protection, and our attorneys have been involved in guiding businesses through the challenges and obstacles associated with new frontiers and laws that regulate digital media.

Our experience includes the identification, registration and application of copyrightable items including materials, ideas and methods. We counsel our clients on authorship, copyright notice and ownership, including work-for-hire arrangements and derivative work analysis. We also advise on copyright-related terms, conditions and materials in the public domain that are scheduled to expire or have already expired, as well as regarding fair use assessments. Moreover, we render legal counsel regarding all aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), online copyright use and infringement.

As most transactions today involve some form of IP, our firm is frequently involved in negotiating and closing deals and agreements that include copyrighted content, licenses and assignments, as well as agency, exhibition, publishing and royalty matters. We have negotiated technology and content-driven transactions such as digital content licensing, distribution and supplier agreements, as well as agreements pertaining to integrated marketing, entertainment and Internet/wireless technologies. We also advise on privacy protection in emerging media channels and new and fast-growth market segments.

Our firm works with domestic and international clients to understand and leverage the benefits of registering copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office, which is not a legal requirement but presents advantages for our clients.