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Tim Hammersmith Co-Authors an Article For Business Houmu Magazine - The Fourth Segment


Tim Hammersmith co-authored the article, “Basic Fundamentals of Real Estate Ownership & Leasing in the United States in Comparison with the Laws of Japan,” for Business Houmu Magazine, a very well-known legal magazine in Japan published by Chuokeizaisha, that is widely read amongst Japanese attorneys and members of corporate legal departments. The article has been segmented over four issues. It was written in collaboration with Japanese attorneys of Matsuda & Partners and Okuno & Partners in Japan. 

The first segment, which discussed “Ownership of U.S. Real Estate”, was published in the May 2023 issue. The second segment on the topic of “Transfer of U.S. Real Estate Ownership Rights; Perfection” was published in the July 2023 issue. The third segment entitled “A Leasehold Interest in the U.S. Real Estate” was published in the August 2023 issue. The final (fourth) segment, entitled “Regulations on Foreign Investment and Use of Real Estate” was published in the September 2023 issue.  For more information about the fourth segment and/or to subscribe to Business Houmu Magazine, please visit