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Arisa Kobayashi lived and worked in Japan until moving to New York in 2018. While attending Kinjo Gakuin University, Arisa studied as an exchange student at West Virginia University for a year.

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In addition to handling general inquiries from existing and prospective clients, Arisa facilitates seamless communications by translating correspondence to and from our clients. She also provides interpretation services in client meetings, which includes explaining cultural nuances to our clients. Her previous international and multicultural experience, along with her prior customer service experience, enable her to competently assist our international clients on their cross-border cultural, business and language differences.

Prior to joining Masuda Funai, Arisa was a Customer Service Representative/Translator for a communications company in New York. Prior to that, she was a schedule planner and administrative assistant for a Private English Teaching company in Aichi, Japan, teaching basic English through individualized lessons on weekends.


  • Kinjo Gakuin University (Nagoya, Japan), Bachelor of Humanities, 2017


  • Japanese